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A jumping-off point for details of the services that I offer, including woodland creation. tree surveys, woodland management, restocking, timber harvesting, management plans, digital mapping and GIS.

A wide range of forestry consultancy services to suit most organisations and individuals


Having been a Forest Manager for ten years, I like to think that I have a pretty good understanding of the demands of the job. I provide a prompt, modern and reliable service that reflects good practice, is fully-insured, risk-assessed and compatible with your H&S requirements. I also offer fixed-price services that allow you to keep projects moving forward without too much worry about incurring unrecoverable costs.

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Sometimes, existing arrangements for the management of your woodland can be somewhat underwhelming. External Land managers and forestry consultants may lack initiative and their charges can be high.  I have provided a forest management consultancy service for woodlands both big and small and I like to think that I can do anything that the larger management companies can, often with better results, in less time and at lower cost. 

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Digital mapping is very much the standard when it comes to land management, not least because hand-drawn maps are no longer accepted by many government agencies. I can help land owners and managers meet these requirements by providing a cost-effective GIS service that uses fixed-pricing and the prompt delivery of results.  

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If you are a crofter, a farmer, or a land agent with under-utilised ground, you may want to consider planting some new woodland.  Not only does this improve the land, providing environmental and landscape benefits in the process, there are rural development grants that usually adequately cover the costs while providing good income.  I am well-versed in this field and will provide a no-obligation assessment of your farm, croft, or common grazing for tree planting opportunities.  I also assess established crops for timber value and provide digital mapping services to ensure that your IACS records are up to date.  

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Foresters managing the national forest estate share the same problems as foresters working in the private sector: work needs to be done safely, on time, on budget and to a professional standard.  My wide-ranging experience and professional attitude allows me to meet those requirements, whether it is undertaking forest mensuration, stocking assessments, tree surveys, planting trees or removing invasive species.  

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Being a small business means that I can be very flexible in the services that I offer.  If you need something done, I can probably do it at a reasonable price.

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SERVICES FOR COMMUNITY GROUPS and social enterprises

I understand the challenges community woodland groups face when it comes to planning new social enterprises and taking-on the management of established forests. Whether you are at the planning stage or whether you are already managing woodland, I provide a full range of management services that can be tailored to suit.  

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Organisations that are involved with agricultural agencies will understand that accurate maps of their landholding are becoming an increasingly important aspect of the efficient operation of a rural business. Unfortunately, using external digital mapping services (GIS) can be a frustrating experience. Costs can escalate quickly and service providers can be over protective with the data they have been paid to produce. I address this by providing a fixed-price service regardless of the time it takes to resolve your land boundary issues. Then, when the work is done, I hand-over the data in a digital format that is compatible with all the major GIS packages.  I also provide a low-cost service for a wide range of RPID/IACS related work: all of it undertaken quickly and professionally.

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I am a LANTRA qualified tree inspector and my tree inspection services include tree condition assessment and risk management surveys, BS 5837 construction surveys, pre-construction surveys and custom surveys tailored to your specific requirements. 

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